HarperCollins Is Proud To Present Its New Range Of Best Loved, Essential Classics Lock Up Your Libraries If You Like But There Is No Gate, No Lock, No Bolt That You Can Set Upon The Freedom Of My Mind Based On A Lecture Given At Cambridge And First Published In , A Room Of One S Own Interweaves Woolf S Personal Experience As A Female Writer With Themes Ranging From Austen And Bront To Shakespeare S Gifted And Imaginary Sister Three Guineas , Woolf S Most Impassioned Polemic, Came Almost A Decade Later And Broke New Ground By Challenging The Very Notions Of War And MasculinityThis Volume Combines Two Inspirational, Witty And Urbane Essays From One Of Literature S Pre Eminent Voices Collectively They Constitute A Brilliant And Lucid Attack On Sexual Inequality

5 thoughts on “A Room of One’s Own and Three Guineas (Collins Classics) [Lingua inglese]

  1. W. Haslacher W. Haslacher says:

    Woolf is a bulldog in pulling apart what it is that has held back women in the field of literature She reviews specific details of many women writers Woolf s writing and research into the topic of women in writing is lucid and wonderful A

  2. tim eborn tim eborn says:

    Very interesting to read something by a person who I had only really heard of in such terms as Who s Afraid of Virginia WoolfOne can, on hindsight, see how the male dominated leaders would have felt to have been held to account by this active feminist.It certainly made me aware of the almost insurmountable problems that had to be overcome by females to lead what we would now consider a normal life.Many may feel that this process is still with us, and they may well be right and only time will tell.

  3. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I glanced it really fast about this famous book advocating women s rights to have our own room and 50k pounds per year income I always avoid reading this kind of journalistic essays that jump here and there I stick to my roots of academic writings to dig 3 layers deep But it s good to get a flavor of one of the 20th century s big writer s style I use this book as a grammar book to practice my English.

  4. Pauline Goldberg Pauline Goldberg says:

    A classic.

  5. Sara Foley Sara Foley says:

    Beautifully written, eloquent, smart, funny and enlightening.It explained so much about why women have not been able to create, and why, even today, there are people who still think women are intrinsically incapable of doing serious art.