She S A Catwalk Model Who Has Everything A Boyfriend, A Career, A Loyal Best Friend But When A Sudden Motor Accident Leaves Her Disfigured And Incapable Of Speech, She Goes From Being The Beautiful Centre Of Attention To Being An Invisible Monster, So Hideous That No One Will Acknowledge She Exists Enter Brandy Alexander, Queen Supreme, One Operation Away From Being A Real Woman, Who Will Teach Her That Reinventing Yourself Means Erasing Your Past And Making Up Something Better, And That Salvation Hides In The Last Place You Ll Ever Want To Look The Narrator Must Exact Revenge Upon Evie, Her Best Friend And Fellow Model Kidnap Manus, Her Two Timing Ex Boyfriend And Hit The Road With Brandy In Search Of A Brand New Past, Present And Future

7 thoughts on “Invisible Monsters [Lingua inglese]

  1. Sara Hutinski Sara Hutinski says:

    An absolute masterpiece.It kept me on my toes the whole time reading it, it is beautifully written and just altogether a total roller coaster.The ending literally had my jaw drop.

  2. Chiara Poli Chiara Poli says:

    Questo il primo romanzo di Palahniuk che ho letto e prima ancora di finirlo gi twittavo frasi assolutiste sul genere Fate un favore a voi stessi leggete Palahniuk Ecco, appunto Fate un favore a voi stessi Leggete un po quello che volete, di Palahniuk, ma non tralasciate questo libro appassionante, geniale, coinvolgente I personaggi non si dimenticano pi a partire da Brandy Alexander non potrete pi fare a meno di lei Mi ha ricordato tanto Transamerica che sicuramente da questo romanzo ha preso spunto L omosessualit come un fondale sul quale l autore dipinge un viaggio alla ricerca di se stessi S , lo so il tema potrebbe sembrare trito e ritrito E forse lo Ma non quando a metterci le mani Chuck Palahniuk.

  3. RogerJ RogerJ says:

    I did not like the writing style used by the author It seems that a lot of people loved this book I found the style of writing very difficult to consume or follow It s written in a very stream of conscience style, using short, abrupt, choppy sentences As a reader I felt like I was constantly under attack instead of being pulled into and along with the story So much so that I had difficulty even following the flow of the narrative I gave up two chapters in and moved on But, perhaps I m in the minority.

  4. Aubrey Aubrey says:

    I finished this book in one day because I wanted to see where it was going This is the first book I ve read by Mr Palahniuk and I think I ll definitely take a chance to read , though I feel a little bit disappointed with myself when I spend money on a book and it only takes me a day to read Usually I like to drag it out, but this book really isn t one to drag out You might get confused and forget what s going on, and I think it really needs to be read altogether to get the full force of the events and characters especially with all the name changes.His writing is good and the characters are definitely compelling I found Brandy Alexander to be my favorite.The only thing that kind of got to me is there was so many freaking twists After like the third one, I felt a little like it was cheating to keep the story going If that kind of thing bothers you, I wouldn t suggest this book then But to me, I enjoyed them even though there was so many It did keep me reading, so there s that

  5. Anonymous Anonymous says:

    Invisible Monsters rivals Fight Club in its unique story Both Fight Club and Invisible Monsters are deeply rooted in social commentary, just of different kinds Nevertheless, this book might just be ever so slightly better than Fight Club, if only for its portrayal of the extreme amounts of plastic surgery that human beings of developed nations are becoming and willing to undergo to look better than the next person Because, from their mirror, they only look beautiful if you re paired with something less beautiful any lie to get by, regardless what s in the mirror.As for the future When everything s the same, there s nothing left to see.

  6. Katrina P. Katrina P. says:

    I love this book It is a nail biting, jaw dropping ride from beginning to end The characters can be loved and hated all within the span of a few pages Definitely not for the faint of heart Definitely a book I will read again and again, but probably not until I m ready for another roller coaster ride.I would guess that a movie version of this book would easily have an R rating Just a heads up Chuck is brilliant, but he is also blunt and not afraid to make his characters bold, brazen, and proud to be that way.

  7. Colleen Colleen says:

    There was nothing physically wrong with the book, it was in good condition However, the actual content of the book was a disappointment The author writes in a disjointed way and the lack of fluency makes it difficult to form imagery in my mind as I read I m an avid reader and this writing style was a huge miss for me I wasted my money on this one.