Savahe, brilliant While the edition comes with the full text of A Modest Proposal, the annotations section is in no way specific to the text nor does it provide any help in analysis It s just an extremely general template Not helpful at all in that regard. I ve loved this story from the first time I read it in school Glad to finally have a copy of it. I had to read this for a literature class, I will say it is very interesting I found it weird for him to make it sound like he was interested in eating children I didn t enjoy it because it s not something that I would consider an easy read or a recreational read. Not as outrageous or controversial as he had hoped in his own time and perpetually misunderstood in our time, Jonathan Swift s A Modest Proposal is a piece of writing that deserves to be read and properly understood by every person with the means to do so In our current dire economic straits I believe we could and should take a page out of his book, and then read it, and then do what it says I would quite fancy a nice infant fricassee or perhaps some baby back ribs from an actual baby assuming they have not already all been devoured by our wealthy elite. So little but very nice. A Most Delicious, Nourishing, And Wholesome FoodSwift S Devastating Short Satire On How To Solve A FamineIntroducing Little Black Classics Books For Penguin S Th Birthday Little Black Classics Celebrate The Huge Range And Diversity Of Penguin Classics, With Books From Around The World And Across Many Centuries They Take Us From A Balloon Ride Over Victorian London To A Garden Of Blossom In Japan, From Tierra Del Fuego To Th Century California And The Russian Steppe Here Are Stories Lyrical And Savage Poems Epic And Intimate Essays Satirical And Inspirational And Ideas That Have Shaped The Lives Of MillionsJonathan Swift Swift S Works Available In Penguin Classics Are Gulliver S Travels And A Modest Proposal And Other Writings