Over Best Of Listings Worldwide Gary Shteyngart Hears America Perfectly Its Fatuity, Its Poignant Lament, Its Boisterous Self Loathing Its Heartbeat Reading Him Sometimes Makes Me Want To Scream With Recognition And With Pure Hilarity Richard FordA Riotously Satirical Road Trip Through Modern America From The Brilliant Author Of Super Sad True Love Story And AbsurdistanBarry Cohen, Master Of The Universe, Has Just Had A Very Public Meltdown Involving A Dinner Party, An Insider Trading Investigation And A , Bottle Of Japanese Whisky So He Flees New York City, Leaving Behind His Beautiful Young Wife And Son, But Remembering To Bring His Six Favourite Designer Watches Zig Zagging South Through Trump S America On A Greyhound Bus Pilgrimmage He Is Singularly Unprepared For, Barry Heads To Texas To Find His Old College Girlfriend And, With Her, A Shot At A Second Chance Lake Success Marries The Trademark Shteyngart Wit With An Astonishing Emotional Resonance, Capturing The Vivid Eccentricity And Contradictions Of America Right Now While Speaking To The Universal Human Experience Of Love, Belonging, And The Pursuit Of Happiness A Trip Through The American Wasteland From The People Who Have Too Little, To The People Who Have Too Much Incredibly Smart, Incredibly Funny, Incredibly Tragic, And Therefore Incredibly Human, This Is The Perfect Novel For These Dysfunctional Times Nathan Hill The Funniest Book You Ll Read All Year A Rollicking And Zinger Filled Road Trip That Sneakily Deepens Into A Poignant Tale Of A Man Trying To Outrace His ProblemsI Was Utterly Floored Maria Semple Stupendous Reflecting With Perfect Comedy And Horrible Tragedy Exactly What America Feels Like Right This Minute I Barked With Laughter At The Same Time As Wincing In Pain Elizabeth Gilbert

6 thoughts on “Lake Success

  1. I. G. Alber-glanstaette I. G. Alber-glanstaette says:

    I ve read all Steyngart books and this was my least favorite Perhaps I missed his usual humor I found myself laughing less and cringing , which I am sure was intentional but still less enjoyable Nonetheless I recommend it as I do all his books.

  2. Ramesh G Ramesh G says:

    This is a story about folks in the 0.01% in Trump s America told through two folks a rich banker and his beautiful Asian wife, who discover their son has a terrible illness, So how do they deal with it by obssessing over very expensive whisky, endless lists of expensive watches, and having meaningless affairs with nearly everyone they meet, of course But worry not, even if they are very careful not to be sexist, anti Semitic, homobphobic or racist at all , they are not not very sympathetic or interesting characters anyway Nor very credible, the main character is a very rich banker who thinks he is making a big life change, a journey of discovery by setting out on trip on Greyhound He is awakened to the real America apparently by having a Mexican sleep on his shoulder, having an affair with a African American young woman very pretty of course , mooches off the WASP parents of his former girlfriend and his Korean American protege who he had secretly fired , All too forget the fact that his Indian American wife very pretty of course had called him without soul or imagination and then proceeded to have an affair with a jewish Guatemalan writer with a low rank it is noted , then confiding the details in her Korean bf Meanwhile our banker gets his desserts sharing some crack with a homeless and then pleasuring him If you arent convinced by now that this is possibly one of the most contrived, fake, and underwhelming stories you will force yourself to finish, then sorry for my interruption, please indulge in this nonsense.

  3. Deeply Imbedded Deeply Imbedded says:

    I learned what a watch winder was A book hung up on watches and watch winders or maybe I am Billionaires and humor and observations of America as a late middle aged man with too much falls apart and travels across America on a Grey Hound, with other plot points and assorted chaos in passing Lake Success got a great review from NPR so I bought it Well Ok, I like it, but sprawling and great I don t think so It is too short to be sprawling and it is not well enough written to be great, but it does talk about Billionaire affectations as the billionaire has a breakdown and decides to travel with the smelly people on a Greyhound from La di dah to la di da and Texas and on to California and this main character has a watch fetish, and this is where I learned of watch winders And I suppose that is sad about him and sad about the book and the country the novel attempts to satirize.

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    I agree with the assessment of another reviewer Almost every character was a caricature From super rich hedge fund guy, Barry, to his Indian professor in laws, to his autistic son Barry had a boring fixation for vintage watches which was tedious to read about Also peppered throughout was the currently de rigueur Trump bashing which is tiresome and unoriginal Very superficial characters that were difficult to care about.

  5. SBS829 SBS829 says:

    I ve been a fan of Gary Shteyngart since The Russian Debutante s Handbook, so I looked forward to Lake Success with great anticipation, which was only partially rewarded.Lake Success tells the story of Barry Cohen and his wife Seema, one percenters whose lives have come badly unglued Their dreams of perfect children have been shattered by the birth of an autistic son Barry s hedge fund is under scrutiny from the SEC for insider trading, and their marriage is unraveling Against this backdrop, Barry takes off for a Greyhound bus journey across America, ostensibly a trip to rediscover and redeem himself.Shteyngart s eye for the insane excesses of the ultra rich is dead on he endlessly catalogues their narcissism, their petty materialism, their smug certainty that they are morally superior for having accumulated obscene wealth, and their elaborate self justification All of that makes for familiar territory, and Shteyngart mines the abundant comic potential for all it s worth.But where the novel falters is in its attempt to show moral redemption To be blunt, Barry s lengthy sojourn on Greyhound buses, together with the slow realization that he is a lucky fraud, are not convincing Similarly, Seema s hypocritical acceptance of her life of privilege without self examination, followed by a pivot to acceptance of her past, is equally tepid I understand that Shteyngart needed some plot structure to build a novel around, and eventually both Barry and Seema come to terms with their son, but the novel feels like a series of funny sketches than a coherent and believable narrative I laughed and enjoyed Lake Success, but it felt a little like gorging on junk food there wasn t all that much substance.

  6. Ben Mattlin Ben Mattlin says:

    This is basically a kind of cynical road to movie well, not really But the protagonist, Barry Cohen, does travel across country on a mission to find himself, after his high end Manhattan hedge fund life implodes A master of irony, Shteyngart displays an amazing, granular knowledge of finance, the autism spectrum, flyover geography, and artisanal watches or at least enough to fool me In alternate chapters, we follow the exploits of Barry s abandoned wife, Seema, which I found less interesting Maybe it s because I m a guy, but so is Shteyngart, and he s better on the male characters than the female ones Seema s chapters are mostly about her connections with others her lovers, her son, her parents and, I suspect, would never pass the Bechdel test Still, the overall story has a gripping, propulsive narrative drive Even when Barry, a sort of anti hero, falls into absurd depravity, you just can t stop reading This may be Shteyngart s best fiction yet