A Desperate, Painfully Honest Attempt To Confront The Monstrous Crimes Of The Twentieth Century TimeSelected By The Modern Library As One Of The Best Novels Of All Time Slaughterhouse Five, An American Classic, Is One Of The Worlds Great Antiwar Books Centering On The Infamous World War II Firebombing Of Dresden, The Novel Is The Result Of What Vonnegut Describes As A Twenty Three Year Struggle To Write A Book About What He Himself Witnessed As An American Prisoner Of War It Combines Science Fiction, Autobiography, Humor, Historical Fiction, And Satire In An Account Of The Life Of Billy Pilgrim, A Barbers Son Turned Draftee Turned Optometrist Turned Alien Abductee Billy, Like Vonnegut, Experiences The Destruction Of Dresden As A POW, And, As With Vonnegut, It Is The Defining Moment Of His Life Unlike The Author, He Also Experiences Time Travel, Or Coming Unstuck In Time Billy Pilgrims Odyssey Reflects The Mythic Journey Of Our Own Fractured Lives As We Search For Meaning In What We Fear MostPraise For Slaughterhouse FivePoignant And Hilarious, Threaded With Compassion And, Behind Everything, The Cataract Of A Thundering Moral Statement TheBoston Globe Very Tough And Very Funny Sad And Delightful Very Vonnegut New York Times Splendid Art A Funny Book At Which You Are Not Permitted To Laugh, A Sad Book Without Tears Life AL posto dell edizione della foto ho ricevuto un altra edizione, che seppur costando quasi il doppio molto piu brutta copertina rossa con teschio, pagine superriciclate tipo quotidiano Non mi era mai accaduto e penso sia abbastanza grave, magari non in questo caso ma in generale, lo scambio di edizioni.Non so se valga la pena rimandarlo indietro, ma d ora in poi avr anche questo dubbio. Directly into my top 5 Loved it right from page 1 A must read A terrible insane torture made enjoyable. Semplicemente bellissimo Un must per tutti Da leggere assolutamente Geniale il modo in cui porta all attenzione del lettore il bombardamento di Dresda, tramite il protagonista che viaggia nel tempo Bellissimo Masterpiece, absolutely a masterpiece Being at the limits of craziness, the author is able to share with his readers tragedies such as Dresden s and imaginaries travels in time Amazing.