Explores The Life And Work Of The Prolific Eighteenth Century Austrian Composer Who Began Life As A Child Prodigy, Composing Music At The Age Of Five, And Died A Pauper At Age Thirty Five

5 thoughts on “Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

  1. BabsinPA BabsinPA says:

    am buying most of these books for 6 yr old very detailed, easy to read a chapter or 2 at a time Attention span too short to read entire book But I loved all of them I learned a lot about Jackie Robinson, Ben Franklin, Mozart, Dr Seuss Will buy , please keep publishing

  2. Kendall Kendall says:

    My 10 year old daughter loved this.

  3. Norma Boyd Norma Boyd says:

    Great little book Well satisfied.

  4. Norma Prue Norma Prue says:

    For my Grand Son Wolfie

  5. Stephen Stephen says:

    I have found this book brief enough to hold my 8 y.o son s interest, while covering in age adequate details the life of Mozart The timelines at the end are equally good as they spew facts of history, which he luvs