WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE A Brilliant Literary Murder Mystery Chicago Tribune Extraordinary Tokarczuk S Novel Is Funny, Vivid, Dangerous, And Disturbing, And It Raises Some Fierce Questions About Human Behavior My Sincere Admiration For Her Brilliant Work Annie ProulxIn A Remote Polish Village, Janina Devotes The Dark Winter Days To Studying Astrology, Translating The Poetry Of William Blake, And Taking Care Of The Summer Homes Of Wealthy Warsaw Residents Her Reputation As A Crank And A Recluse Is Amplified By Her Not So Secret Preference For The Company Of Animals Over Humans Then A Neighbor, Big Foot, Turns Up Dead Soon Other Bodies Are Discovered, In Increasingly Strange Circumstances As Suspicions Mount, Janina Inserts Herself Into The Investigation, Certain That She Knows Whodunit If Only Anyone Would Pay Her MindA Deeply Satisfying Thriller Cum Fairy Tale, Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead Is A Provocative Exploration Of The Murky Borderland Between Sanity And Madness, Justice And Tradition, Autonomy And Fate Whom Do We Deem Sane It Asks Who Is Worthy Of A Voice

7 thoughts on “Drive Your Plow over the Bones of the Dead

  1. Alfredo Hamill Alfredo Hamill says:

    versione inglese in italiano Guida il tuo carro sulle ossa dei morti Uno dei libri pi originali ed intelligenti che abbia mai letto Sul Guardian di Londra, dicono Un amalgama stupefacente di thriller, farsa e trattato politico, da una scrittrice che unisce un intelletto straordinario con uno spirito anarchico Descrizione perfetta Un gioiellino da non perdere.

  2. Binotto Loris Binotto Loris says:

    Un testo onesto che invita a riflettere sulle parole e sui fatti e sulle loro ignobili commistioni, e sulla pochezza e meschinit umane, sulla liberazione dalle ipocrisie, sull arroganza del male, sulla compassione per gli esseri viventi e non meritevoli di esserlo.

  3. Franamanda Franamanda says:

    It s an strange title turns out to be a quote from William Blake of Tiger Tiger fame and initially that strangeness seems to permeate the book, but it turns out to be a fascinating well plotted story from a corner of the world eastern Poland I don t know much about Great translation This is a book that rewards a little persistence.

  4. Isabel Durand Isabel Durand says:

    A superb novel, told in the voice of an elderly, eccentric, animal rights toting woman who satirises hunters, pernicious minor politicians and hypocritical churchmen, while considering everything through her own astrological analyses Amusing, tense and telling.

  5. Geoff Crocker Geoff Crocker says:

    Janina Duszejko is elderly, lives a rather isolated life in a small rural community, looks after her neighbours vacant properties during the winter, loves her dogs, occasionally teaches English in the local school.Using frequent capitalisations to create a homely phraseology, Olga Tokarczuk describes Duszejko s way of life, her wry observations and musings on a wide variety of everyday issues, her deep convictions, for example on animal rights, her interest in astrology and William Blake, and her cynicism of human behaviour It s a charming engaging read.The interpretations and convictions of isolated individuals have validity, though they are dismissed as eccentric by conventional society For those who have the courage to pursue them to their logical conclusion, conflict with that society is inevitable.

  6. Lisa Beth Meyers Lisa Beth Meyers says:

    This is fabulously written thoughtful, moral, wicked, insane and utterly reasonable And the translation is truly beautiful Highly recommended.

  7. Chris Cummings Chris Cummings says:

    I loved this book The character of the protagonist is richly developed, the prose allows you to see, feel and hear the beauty and remoteness of Western Poland, and the storyline is unique I wasn t endeared to the aspects of astrology in the book, which drives the rating to a 4 vs a 5, but it does have its place and is relatively interesting A very good summer read.