Describes Various Musical Instruments, Including Woodwinds, Brass Instruments, And Percussion Libro completo sugli strumenti musicali, con tante curiosit anche sui musicisti classici che hanno reso immortali questi strumenti Ottimo supporto con CD dei suoni, valido se si insegna musica clil per la chiarezza e semplicit delle spiegazioni e delle immagini Even though all my life I have loved all kinds of music it was not until my senior years that I finally found my passion in learning how to play numerous musical Harmonica, Flute, Recorder, Kazoo, numerous percussion instruments such as drums, clave, maracas and other instruments instruments When I saw this 176 page hardcover book Those amazing musical instruments Your guide to the orchestra through sounds and stories by Genevieve Helsby with Marin Alsop as your guide for a bargain price on I had to have it.This is one of the most interesting and informative books I have ever read about musical instruments This wonderful book presents an overview of most of the various instruments in an orchestra It is also has full color photographs and illustrations throughout the book An interactive CD ROM is also included in this book.After the introduction the following material is covered on the types of instruments in a full orchestra They include string instruments, the woodwinds, the brass, the percussion, which is the largest collection of musical instruments, and the keyboard musical instruments Other sections also cover the voice, electronic instruments and the conductor There is also a dictionary, index and acknowledgements.This is the kind of book that would be of great value to all musicians and any other music lover who desires to increase their appreciation and knowledge of musical instruments.Rating 5 Stars Joseph J Truncale Author Martial Art and Warrior Haiku and Senryu Most of us either fiddled or tootled as youngsters Grammar school bands and orchestras sounded all the better for our efforts Now, in this amazing book, author Genevieve Helsby explains how that happened or was supposed to happen.Under the direction of noted conductor Marin Alsop, musical instruments are described, their history explored, the complexity of their construction is illustrated and then the sounds are heard on the accompanying CD ROM They are heard alone, in groups, and finally in full orchestral glory The book contains beautiful illustrations and captivating narrative and, together with the CD ROM, makes a wonderful read aloud opportunity for youngsters of all ages All the reader needs is a DVD player or laptop computer to present a wonderful program guaranteed to captivate the audience.Each family of musical instruments string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and keyboard is explained through word, illustration, and sound The reader and audience will learn what inspired the shape of stringed instruments or the construction of woodwind mouthpieces, and that the nose was once used to play the flute instead of the mouth And who knew that paper bags, toy frogs, tin foil, metal trash cans, or trays of dishes have all been used in the percussion section These are just some of the tidbits of information that add to the joy of reading this book, either to self or aloud.Talented artists worked with the author to develop and design the book and the final product is a work of art Don t miss this one.