Realizing That Her Beautiful, Beloved Younger Sister Has Murdered Yet Another Boyfriend, An Embittered Nigerian Woman Works To Direct Suspicion Away From The Family, Until A Handsome Doctor She Fancies Asks For Her Sister S Number

5 thoughts on “My Sister, The Serial Killer

  1. L-Booknerd L-Booknerd says:

    Absurd and smart at the same time Just the right book to pick up if you want some mindless entertainment It is well written, but the actual story is the true gem It doesn t get any better than a femme fatale and her co dependent sister covering up murders I wanted it to end differently, but it s still an enjoyable read.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    I was excited to read this as part of a famous book club I had to keep myself interested as I read because I just didn t want to finish it and when I did I was sorry I hasn t given it up earlier Not well written and the ending was just horrible Don t let famous people trick you into reading crap like they did me

  3. Dave Schwinghammer Dave Schwinghammer says:

    MY SISTER, THE SERIAL KILLER, the subject of a recent TIME magazine review, was written by a Nigerian novelist, Oyinkan, Braithwaite, and as such is an intriguing read.The book is not so much different than any other serial killer novel in respect to voice There s only the occasional dialect reference Instead of the Canadian eh we get an o Instead of maam we get ma, at least that s my best guess, but it s mostly told in standard English by an educated narrator.The book starts with the murder of Koreda s younger sister s Ayoola s boyfriend with a knife She s only 5 2 and he s over six feet tall, but he wasn t expecting her to stab him with a six inch pig sticker she got from her father s desk after he died Rather than call the cops, Koreda, who happens to be a nurse, helps her clean up the mess and get rid of the body We re told this is the third boyfriend, which makes Ayoola a serial killer.Koreda loves her sister they slept together and occasionally still do, but only as normal sisters would Nothing hinky there There is lots of jealousy on Koreda s part Ayoola is very beautiful and she attracts men with little effort Koreda is rather plain Koreda is also in love with Tade a good natured doctor at the hospital.Koreda visits a man who has been in a coma for some time, thinking he ll never wake up She tells him all about her sister and the angst involved in not being able to bring herself to do anything about the murders She s implicated herself, after all.Ayoola is also a fashion designer, her schooling paid for by a sugar daddy who also helped her start her business They go off on a vacation in Dubai Prior to this Koreda has easily snatched Tade away from Koreda, but she doesn t seem to think there s anything unusual about running off with another man During the vacation, she changes her M.O a bit Of course she puts the weight on Koreda.Oh, yes, the girls father was abusive there s a scene where he punishes Ayoola with his belt Koreda tries to save her but gets in the way of the belt than helping Ayoola.So Koreda uses their upbringing as an excuse for why Ayoola is doing what she s doing There s another scene where Ayoola takes the blame for something Koreda did.The climax arrives with a big complication Somebody besides Koreda knows what Ayoola has been doing Think about who that might be And Ayoola is stabbed herself Let s just say she asked for it, but the wrong person pays when Koreda continues to protect her sister.How will it all end

  4. Crystals_Library Crystals_Library says:

    I really enjoyed this novella I finished it in about 3 hours.It is about two sisters, one who is a serial killer and the other is a nurse who cleans up after her sister s crimes They live in Lagos, Nigeria.The premise of the book seems very realistic The girls were raised by a very abusive father and don t know what real love looks like However, there is a strong aspect of satire because everything is so extreme One sister is extremely beautiful while the other is apparently very unattractive The crimes were over the top and the lack of investigation into the crimes was laughable.I am looking forward to reading Oyinkan Braithwaite s future writing.

  5. J-Phi J-Phi says:

    This darkly humorous novel tells the story of Korede, the ugly duckling elder sister of a younger sister who is the darling of everyone but who happens to be a serial killer The writing in this is fabulously accessible and if even for a moment you ve ever felt like the wallflower or overlooked in any way, Korede s narrative will have you nodding your head in empathy This novel despite the macabre themes is light enough that you don t feel the heaviness and darkness even in the tragic backstory of Korede s Family There s no message or real theme here beyond the simple question that asks you what you d do for loyalty to protect your family To me, this is pure, dark, grisly fun and I highly recommend.