Reminiscent Of Orwell And Huxley S Dystopian Novels, This Classic Of Women S Literature Is An Intelligent And Well Written Contribution To The Sex Role DebateWelcome To The Land Of Egalia, Where Gender Roles Are Topsy Turvy As Wim Wield The Power And Menwim Light The Home Fires This Re Telling Of The Prototypical Coming Of Age Novel Will Have Readers Laughing Out Loud And Wondering Who Should Prevail Poor Petronius, Who Wants Than Anything To Cruise The Oceans As A Seawom Or His Powerful And Protective Mother Director Bram, Who Rules Her Family With An Authoritarian Righteousness But For Better Or For Worse, As The Masculist Party Begins To Organize And Protest, The Landscape Of Egalia Threatens To Change Forever More Than Just A Humorous Romp, Egalia S Daughters Poses The Provocative Question Of Whether The Culprit In Gender Subjugation Is Gender Itself Or Power No Matter Who Wields It

5 thoughts on “Egalia's Daughters: A Satire Of The Sexes

  1. Julia Walsh Julia Walsh says:

    This book was written to expose gender hegemony for what it was at the time of writing It feels weird to hear men called manwym and women wym to hear women called matrilinially by surname and so on I found it to be, in general, an engaging and even sweet novel at many points Others are deliberately horrifying for me, that was the female on male gang rape scene Certainly worth a read, but be prepared to sharpen all your tools of intellectual inquiry.

  2. Daniel Fielding Daniel Fielding says:

    This book provides an interesting take on a semi dystopic, matriarchal society It forces us to question our society down to the very language we use I purchased this book for use in a college course and found it highly valuable It inspired great discussion and, further, it was a great novel There are several translator errors, but they do not detract from the overall themes.I would actually recommend this book to anyone who likes to have their foundation shaken Keep in mind the time period it was written in, and don t try to find exact parallels with the real world for every little thing This book is written to get you to question your stance in the world and it does that well.

  3. David Summerour David Summerour says:

    For collage

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Although this small paperback is satire it really hits home about the treatment of women versus men in society The roles are reversed in this book and it will blow your mind

  5. Kat Kat says:

    Science fiction novel of a role reversal world Really makes you think about our society today Interesting read May need to read a little bit of the background of this book before diving in since it is a little confusing with word changes.