We Don T Belong Together I Should Have Never Seen Him Again After Our First Night Together But I Crave Him I M Addicted To Him He Is My Dark Pleasure Mr Black Is Aiden Aiden Is Mr Black Two Sides Of The Same Person Aiden Is Kind And Sweet Mr Black Is Demanding And Rule Oriented When He Invites Me Back To His Yacht, I Can T Say No Another Auction Another Bid I M Supposed To Be His But Then Everything Goes Wrong Praise For Charlotte Byrd Titillation So Masterfully Woven, No Reader Can Resist Its Pull A MUST BUY Bobbi Koe Captivating Crystal Jones Exciting, Intense, Sensual Rock, Reviewer Sexy, Secretive, Pulsating Chemistry Mrs K, Reviewer Fast Paced, Dark, Addictive, And Compelling Clpetit, Reviewer Hot, Steamy, And A Great Storyline Christine Reese My Oh MyCharlotte Has Made Me A Fan For Life JJ, Reviewer The Tension And Chemistry Is At Five Alarm Level Sharon, Reviewer Hot, Sexy, Intriguing Journey Of Elli And Mr Aiden Black Robin Langelier Great Start To Fantastic Series Brenda, Reviewer Sexy, Steamy And Captivating Charmaine, Reviewer Intrigue, Lust, And Great Characterswhat Could You Ask For Dragonfly Lady An Awesome Book Extremely Entertaining, Captivating And Interesting Sexy Read I Could Not Put It Down Kim F, Reviewer Just The Absolute Best Story Everything I Like To Read About And Such A Great Story I Will Read Again And Again A Keeper Wendy Ballard It Had The Perfect Amount Of Twists And Turns I Instantaneously Bonded With The Heroine And Of Course Mr Black YUM It S Sexy, It S Sassy, It S Steamy It S Everything Khardine Gray, Bestselling Romance Author

5 thoughts on “Black Rules

  1. mary mary says:

    When I purchased Black Rules, I had been hoping for an improvement from the first book, Black Edge By the time I had read about half of the book, I realized that wasn t going to be the case for this novice writer Just as in book one, the protagonist s Ellie thoughts continue to be written in one sentence paragraphs Both Ellie and Aiden male lead are emotionally cold Ellie, especially, seems much interested in the New York weather and teaching readers how to self publish on I found this especially ironic because, in this fictional world, Aiden owns s top competitor Why isn t Ellie publishing through Aiden s corporation first I reached the end and there was a nicely written cliffhanger but the description of book three isn t strong enough for me to make another purchase in this series.

  2. luckyone326 luckyone326 says:

    Way too much dialogue that is unnecessary about random musings Story is good but spoiler alert she almost gets brutally raped while shackled yet a little while later her lover handcuffed her again Only finishing because I purchased series I truly hope it redeems itself First book had tons of promise.

  3. Firecracker 7481 Firecracker 7481 says:

    Ok, so I read Book 1 in this series and with the great reviews I had high hopes after reading it I found it was on the lower end of average read I read 300 books a year I went ahead and purchased book 2 with the hope that we would advance the story and I would start to engage with the charactersThis is not what happened for me..First the supporting cast in the story felt forcedthe characters had little to do with main plot line, also there was lots of innuendo and possible directions for the story to go, it just did not flow and create a cohesive story for meNext I felt a lot of the authors personal feelings, morals and political opinions pushed through out the storynone of which again really felt relevant to the story line reading for me is escapism I am certainly not looking for personal opinions on todays climate The next thing that bothered me, is all the information regarding self publishing and the indie author communityAgain I am not looking for a fictionalized educational stance on how much better self publishing isdown to mailing lists, KU, marketing tactics where the author basically states that being self published is all about marketingAgain this has little to do with the storyline, did not help the story move forward, but felt like filler materialThese were my main issues, then there are also other little things like a guy into Domination caving every time to his love interestInsta Love after one night togetherHonestly the best part about this series are the blurbsthey draw you in and then if you are a voracious readeryou feel let down and confusedI will say the story did have potential, but the author needed to spend time developing her characters and the ACTUAL story line, then pushing unnecessary details, many of which end up being contradicted further in the story

  4. Beau Beau says:

    The first book in the Black Series was enjoyable I wouldn t say it was the most enjoyable as some others that I have read, but it kept my interest which is why I continued on to read the second book, Black Rules In the second book I have found myself annoyed with the characters The writing of Aiden Black in this book brings me great disappointment We have this strong, alpha male character in the bedroom, but outside of the bedroom he s like this lost, love sick puppy dog The I read, the I felt like I was reading about a high school romance with hot sex scenes.I want to love this series, I really do but I can t help but find myself wanting to rewrite the entire book in my head while I m reading it.

  5. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    I so wanted to love this series but am having trouble getting into it Bought the first two as an attempt but can t rationalize buying any It s fragmented and leaves me feeling like I m just out off something really good Almost there but just not quite If the books were on kindle unlimited I d keep going, but pay for them, nope I m done