This New Extended Edition Of Story Of Life Is The Perfect Gift For Those With A Love Of The Natural World Wander The Galleries Open Days A Year And Discover A Collection Of Curated Exhibits On Every Page, Accompanied By Informative Text Each Chapter Features Key Species From A Different Geological Era With Fantastic New Artwork From Katie Scott

5 thoughts on “The Story of Life: Evolution (Extended Edition)

  1. Peggy Peggy says:

    This is a great book, but it is a lot smaller and less detailed than the other books in the series see pictures We have several of the books from this series, and we were disappointed when this book was so different in almost every way The content, although factual, is less developed than in the other books The graphics are beautiful I recommend this book, as long as you are aware what you are getting Please mark if you find my review helpful Thank you so much

  2. Rubita Rubita says:

    A decidedly gorgeous and thematically appropriate book to accompany the Story of Life as told in Montessori classrooms However, I was disappointed to receive my copy and find that it is significantly smaller than Historium, Animalium and Maps I had been waiting for this book to be released in the US it s been available in the UK for some time , so it s somewhat deflating to have it not match the UK version Which also has a fold out timeline.

  3. Steve Steve says:

    I bought it for a six year old that is obsessed with all things natural The book is gorgeous It ahead of her reading level of course but she loves it and I can read to her.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    This is a very good book for all ages Not so technical that young readers cannot both learn from it and enjoy it Great illustration

  5. Ivana Falconi Ivana Falconi says:

    Lovely book