I was excited to begin reading this book As I read I became and depressed I don t know why I kept reading or finished it If you feel like committing suicide read this book I would not recommend this book to anyone I hated it.In short this is a book about a young woman who schemes to use sleeping pills, psychotropic drugs, and alcohol to put herself to sleep for a year What a horrible idea when so many deaths occur from prescription drug abuse There were no redeeming qualities to this book including character development. FROM THE MAN BOOKER SHORTLISTED AUTHOR OF EILEEN THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Savage, Funny, Frequently On The Verge Of Teetering Into Lunacy My Year Of Rest And Relaxation Is A Non Negotiable In Your Holiday Carry On This Summer VogueIt S The Year In A City Aglitter With Wealth And Possibility What Could Be So Terribly Wrong Our Narrator Has Many Of The Advantages Of Life Young, Thin, Pretty, A Recent Columbia Graduate, She Lives In An Apartment On The Upper East Side Of Manhattan Paid For, Like Everything Else, By Her Inheritance But There Is A Vacuum At The Heart Of Things, And It Isn T Just The Loss Of Her Parents In College, Or The Way Her Wall Street Boyfriend Treats Her, Or Her Sadomasochistic Relationship With Her Alleged Best FriendBlackly Funny, Both Merciless And Compassionate Dangling Its Legs Over The Ledge Of My Year Of Rest And Relaxation Is A Showcase For The Gifts Of One Of America S Major Young Writers For years I ve been longing for a novel that would compell me to read the way I did as a child voraciously and without distraction Given the fact that I can barely read anything these days without taking breaks to play Words With Friends, I had all but given up then came My Year of Rest and Relaxation Because the novel and its author, Otessa Moshfegh, are this year s darlings, I hesitated popular books usually disappoint me But I read this one in two days, and would have in a single sitting if I d had the chance It is simply the best novel I ve read by a living author, and one of the best I ve read in my life Moshgegh s unnamed narrator is 26, beautiful and model like, a Columbia graduate with a degree in art history and a job in a Chelsea art gallery She s also alone and completely empty inside Her cold, distant parents died while she was in college she has no siblings her unofficial boyfriend is a horrible jerk her only friend is an annoying bullemic who she mistreats at every opportunity Caught sleeping on the job, the narrator decides to put her firing to good use by devising a year long rest cure Armed with a huge variety of psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills and anti anxiety medications prescribed by a shady, criminally incompetent psychiatrist, she shuts herself in her Upper East Side apartment and, supported by her inheritance and unemployment benefits, starts sleeping full time Nevertheless, things keep happening, both to her and to the world, during her fateful year off Moshfegh s writing is brilliant, but what sets her apart from even the best of her contemporaries is the consistent pace of the novel There are no dead spots, no dull passages, and none of the unevenness that ruins so many contemporary novels My Year of Rest and Relaxation is that rarest of things a profound, literary page turner I can t wait to read it again, along with everything else Moshfegh has published, and can t recommend it highly enough. A litany of prescription drug combinations, boredom, ennui, and toxic relationships, how this book is getting good reviews is beyond my comprehension Perfect length read for an LA NYC flight, if you want to be disgusted with yourself and those lost hours when you land. Critical accolades woke me to read Ottessa Moshfegh s novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation As a writer, I relish making unlikable characters interesting, if not sympathetic, and eagerly anticipated this challenge as a reader Alas, Moshfegh s privileged narrator has none of the above mentioned virtues Nor does she offer unique or redeeming insights into the everyday beauty that ameliorates life s pain She s as trite and tedious as the mindless state of unconsciousness rendered by her Rite Aid warehouse of medications The reader s boredom is not even relieved by complex secondary characters their nastiness wallows in stereotype While Moshfegh has a good eye for detail and is in command of her craft, the elaborate shell she creates here is hollow Emerging from the slumber induced by this novel won t leave readers feeling refreshed, but with a sour taste best relieved by vigorous tooth brushing and starting the new day with a worthy book.