In Glamorama, Bret Easton Ellis Shows Us A Shadowy Looking Glass World, The Juncture Where Fame And Fashion, Terror And Mayhem Meet And Then Begin To Resemble The Familiar Surface Of Our LivesThe Centre Of The World S Manhattan Victor Ward, A Model With Perfect Abs And All The Right Friends, Is Seen And Photographed Everywhere, Even In Places He Hasnt Been And With People He Doesnt Know On The Eve Of Opening The Trendiest Nightclub In New York History, Hes Living With One Beautiful Model And Having An Affair With Another Now Its Time To Move To The Next Stage But The Future He Gets Is Not The One He Had In Mind

6 thoughts on “Glamorama (English Edition)

  1. F F says:

    Among my faves ever.

  2. Steven Farr Steven Farr says:

    Glamorama is funny, suspenseful, violent and jarring Most importantly, it keeps you guessing Detractors of Glamorama seem to be made up mostly of people who can t handle, or are tired of the copious drug use, explicit sex scenes, and graphic violence that Ellis is well known for If you have read The Rules of Attraction and American Psycho and enjoyed them, then do not hesitate to purchase Glamorama and start reading it right now My favorite B.E.E novel Enjoy

  3. Berri Berri says:

    Victor Ward is beautiful, hangs with beautiful people and does what he pleases I m thinking I m digging into another pop culture laced novel by Bret Easton Ellis I was wrong I m not sure at what point this story crossed over into a surreal trip into insanity Where the face in the mirror, picture or film is not who you think it is Ellis uses all his usual narrative tricks, plus a few new ones to transport us along with the characters ride into madness and beyond Certainly not for the squeamish, but some of Ellis best writing is at those moments when I so wanted to put the book aside to catch my breath If you have read Mr Ellis before read this and be blown away like I was I have come back to this review to add.even though I have read a couple of books after Glamorama, the plane crash near the end of the novel is still coming to my mind I wonder how Mr Ellis is able to put on paper such an incredibly descriptive account of a plane crash It was so intensely vivid that I could almost see, hear, smell and feel it Hands down, it is the most raw, white knuckle moment I have had reading.ever.

  4. LAURA McPherson LAURA McPherson says:

    The references are heckin dated but that s part of this book s charm if you remember the high water mark of the 90s cult of celebrity The plot got a bit muddy in not a good way about 2 3rds of the way through but there was still enough reason for me to see it through.

  5. Surface to Air Missle Surface to Air Missle says:

    This was one of those fascinating books that is hard to put down but unfortunately leaves you frustrated Arse kicking ultraviolent terrorist supermodels is an interesting premise but this is really a book about chaos, reality perception, and fiding out who you are The ending was disapointing and underwhelming and many complain about the violence and pornographic sex but this book is tame compared to Elllis American Psycho.Ellis took six years to write this and you can tell that from the tone and direction the book takes through its progress that Ellis himself changed during this period I commend him for trying something somewhat new with this book becuase by the time I finished American Psycho, I was getting a little tired of his plotless formula Victor Ward as a character is a little base to front a self discovery novel but it Ellis wit and prose carries the book well enough.Bottom Line fans of Ellis should of course pick this up but again I think that Ellis books should be read in order Those who have read all of his books will be inexplicably drawn to this one as I myself was Wether Ellis sticks with his typical ambience piece or goes for another linear plot book is fine by me because I am just curious to see what he will do next.People not familiar with Ellis works should start with Less Than Zero.

  6. Michael Lima Michael Lima says:

    I ve enjoyed every one of Ellis other books While they have always had vapid characters, I always had the sense that their lack of a center had a purpose namely, to convey Ellis outrage at the decline of morality in our society That sense was totally missing in Glamorama Instead, I got the impression that Ellis was trying to mock the shallowness of popular culture The only problem with that approach is like U2 discovered on its most recent tour that when an artist tries to make fun of this shallowness, they only expose their own role in perpetuating it.This book is a major disappointment on all levels The main character is incredibly unsympathetic The plot is a mess And, the writing is definitely below the level that Ellis can perform To put it simply, having song lyrics as dialogue for the characters is not good writing it s the writing of someone who thinks they re cleverer than what they are One can only hope that Glamorama is a one time stumble for a very talented author.