Outstanding, thought provoking unique book I also listened to the book on tape Recommended by Book Riot as a book of the year There was a unique twist every chapter This book has a relevant message that is cleverly disseminated Don t miss it Subsequently watched a a Nollywood documentary, a Lagos, Nigeria documentary and listened to Nigeri music It Is The Funniest, Most Engaging Badass Book Ive Read In Years You Should Read This Book And Enjoy Freshly Minted Scintillating Prose Rioting With Each Other It Is A Lush Canvas Of Ideas, Humor And Vision Blackass Is Fresh, Contemporary Writing Without Even Trying This Is How Fiction Should Be Written In The St Century Whats On Africa, Royal African Society Gripping This Is A Memorable, Richly Allusive Story, Skillfully Interweaving Thoughts From Kafka To The Poet Elizabeth Bishop Barrett Probes Not Only The Surface But The Depths Of Who We Are Anita Sethi Observer Wonderfully Imagined, And Very Funny A Dazzling First Novel By One Of Africas Best Young Writers Kate Saunders The Times As Well As Being A Fable About Race And Identity,Blackass Is In Large Part A Love Letter To Lagos For Barrett, Race Is Inevitably One Part Of A Persons Identity, But It Is One That Asserts Itself Principally Through The Eyes Of Others, Through How They Read Those They Encounter People Will Inevitably Discuss This Book, And Barretts Work In General, In The Context Of A Resurgent Nigerian Literary Scene That Includes Writers Such As Teju Cole, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie And Helon Habila But, To Read Him Only As A Nigerian Writer Would Be To Do Him A Disservice For Blackass Is A Strange, Compelling Novel, And Barrett Has Something To Tell Us All Jon Day Financial Times A Bold Riff On Kafkas Metamorphosis Igoni Barretts Greatest Asset Is His Ability To Satirise The Ridiculous Extents People, Especially Lagosians, Go To In Order To Appear Important His Characters Every Foible Is Captured And Amplified For Effect Helon Habila GuardianA Devastating Social Parable Brimming With Humanity And Heart Marlon James, Winner Of The Booker Prize A Brilliant Kafka Esque Satire With A Sting In The Tail From One Of The Finest Writers Around Guardian Blackass is funny and intriguing, however it feels underdeveloped It touches on several topics such as identity, race, social and economical status, and gender dynamics, yet it doesn t go deep in most of those topics Race is the most developed one, as it shows how being white in Nigeria immediately opens doors It notices that there is a clear discrimination based on false biase that white people work better than black people, hence white people get better job opportunities It also implies that becoming white makes Furo selfish and agressive, because of his power, or simply because of his whiteness.The novel also develops gender with the idea of the sugar daddy and characters like Syreeta take advantage of being in this situation with a clear plan This seems similar to other Nigerian novels like Americanah The most intriguing female character in my opinion is Furo s sister, she is self aware, kind of independent and light hearted, which contradict some of the female stereotypes in African novels.Nevertheless, the novel reflects a Nigerian reality of unemployement with a funny lense, which in a sense is refreshing, as there aren t many funny African novels. As many reviewers mentioned, the premise of the story is interesting and even the plot twist was thought provoking The lead character has an unexpected life altering change of skin color Furo, is not the most endearing protagonist In his desperation to navigate life with a new identity he seems very self absorbed and callous towards those who offer assistance While the author intended to demonstrate privilege, overtime it seemed to be a flaw in the lead characters personality.The author took me on a journey and spent much of the time on the mundane and left the intriguing parts unresolved In the end the book was anticlimactic It almost seemed that the author intended to write a part two to explain to the audience what happens in the end. I was not impressed The Kafka like premise of the book was not developed, and the bottom line was the guy turned white and became a complete egotistical ass No hope for redemption for us white people The only interesting twist was a parallel transformation by the writer, but that was not developed either Disappointed