Follow The Adventures Of Bertie Wooster And His Gentleman S Gentleman, Jeeves, In This Stunning New Edition Of One Of The Greatest Comic Novels In The English Language Bertie Must Deal With The Market Snodsbury Grammar School Prize Giving, The Broken Engagement Of His Cousin Angela, The Wooing Of Madeline Bassett By Gussie Fink Nottle, And The Resignation Of Anatole, The Genius Chef Will He Prevail Only With The Aid Of Jeeves

7 thoughts on “Right Ho, Jeeves (English Edition) eBook: P. G. Wodehouse: Kindle Store

  1. Carlo Ungaro Carlo Ungaro says:

    Right Ho Jeeves is a masterpiece even by the elevated PG Wodehouse standards A delightful book to read, with a plot full of twists and turns

  2. CostanzabMonti CostanzabMonti says:

    Ho riso moltissimo, e finalmente saputo da dove viene la gran conoscenza biblica di B Wooster E di P G Wodehouse, presumo Bene

  3. Mimi Mimi says:

    It s quite a mess The Inimitable Jeeves has a huge number of unedited typos not appearing in earlier, authoritative editions It appears though I cannot be sure that somebody scanned an original electronically, found a cheap bulk printing service, and then did no editing in places that did not transcribe accurately So you have hundreds of skipped or misspelled words Rough stuff

  4. JCRoberts JCRoberts says:

    My husband bought this book for me just because he thought it looked like something I would enjoy Well, let s just say that P.G Wodehouse is now on my top 5 favorite authors list Wodehouse s writing is extremely entertaining very intellectual but not so much that I struggle to figure out what he s saying Witty is probably a better word Very, very British in a wonderful way His word pictures are so delightful that I find myself laughing out loud often and giggling most of the time The Jeeves series is outrageously funny, and the BBC TV series starring Hugh Laurie House is a wonderful follow up to the books After reading this one, my hubby ordered me another Jeeves book, and then I stumbled upon a compilation of 5 of Wodehouse s stories 2 Jeeves, 3 others in one book at a thrift shop Still enjoying that one.

  5. OperaChanch OperaChanch says:

    This is a very poor edition with the mustard yellow cover and the two cartoon like characters in the cover The printing is cheap, the cover art is grainy, the layout is uncomfortable and the print is tiny Avoid and buy another edition of this Jeeves classic.

  6. Marie G Marie G says:

    Though I ve read and loved the Bertie Wooster canon, listening to Jonathan Cecil s vocal renderings have added an entirely new dimension to Wodehouse s works Right Ho, Jeeves was never my best loved Wodehouse, but after hearing it read by Cecil, RHJ has become my all time favorite.Cecil s character voices are pitch perfect If you ve ever heard Madeline Bassett s voice in your head saying that the stars are God s daisy chain, it probably sounds exactly like Cecil s breathless falsetto And he perfectly captures Aunt Dahlia s purring timbre as she sardonically instructs Bertie on the steps he must take to drown himself in the kitchen garden pond.Cecil manages to slip seamlessly from one voice to another Though the scene of Gussie Fink Nottle awarding prizes at Market Snodsbury Grammar School is generally ranked as one of the funniest scenes in literature and Cecil s impersonation of the normally abstemious Gussie now slurring drunk at the podium was certainly inspired, the real high point of this audio version is Cecil s virtuoso reenactment of star chef Anatole s fit of the vapors spoken in some sort of Provence anglais, with Bertie, Aunt Dahlia, Gussie, and Seppings the uptight butler taking seamless part in the conversation Listen and you will gain a new appreciation of the genius of Wodehouse and Cecil.I ve listened to other Wodehouse audio stylists and Cecil s performances are by far the best Unlike many other readers, each voice sounds absolutely unique I often wonder what Cecil s real voice sounds like.If you re interested in trying Wooster on audio, try this one first Best heard while driving to work it s always great to start the day with a laugh.

  7. J. W. Deming J. W. Deming says:

    P.G Wodehouse is the only human being who can consistently induce laughter of the highest therapeutic quality He is the master of plot, tone and comedic tension His resolutions are always brilliantly satisfying The underlying structure of his tales are tight and ingenious One s appreciation of his structure only increases the hilarity.I d recommend Right Ho, Jeeves to anyone who is stressed out and in need of strong drink Instead of liquor, curl up in some quiet corner and give yourself over to the Never Never Land of Bertie Wooster and his all wise Epictetus, Jeeves It will remind you that even if all is not well in your world, you can always escape, if only temporarily, into a territory of soi disant comedic perfection.Who but P.G.W could provoke gales of l on every p Do yourself a favour Get this book and read it Surrender to its inimitable charms All your cares and woes will evaporate You will return to the daily push with renewed vim vigor.