First thing, the author is a good author who got me started on litrpg I enjoyed this series up till book 3 Now for the review.This book is a disaster This is not a litrpg book any, it is a romance novel, a poorly written romance novel The grinding for levels is boring and lacks interesting detail Story elements that had great potential were aweful Once again, two to three times a chapter every character talks about how much they love everyone It is repetitive and lacking in so many ways The words love and kiss occur over a hundred times a piece throughout this book They are over used.The assassin plot twist at the end of the last book was great and the author went and made that boring in this book A potentially great story was screwed up so badly.I am extremely disappointed with how this series turned out This book was not worth the price tag I will not be buying the next book because 3 books have been written in a similar manner now It is repetitive and boring. Yet another great installment in the Alpha World series It picks up with the guild racing to find why there are now assassinations happening to their members and trying to find a way to stop it But, also Al and his group are trying to level up as fast as they can in order to complete the time restricted quest that Al picked up in the last book An old problem for the guild with A personal vendetta against Al appears again to try and settle the score with Al during the assassinations A seemingly normal quest item leaves Al with a bad feeling that they have less time to level than he originally thought And Fluffball continues to make progress with her issues while receiving nothing but love and support from her new family And someone s hidden past is revealed leaving Al and those with him finding that getting to the list city of Peace is urgent than they thought. I have to say that the biggest downside of almost any of the best books and stories available is always when they end and this book is no exception to that rule I find myself torn between wanting to see the Alpha World series continue on to 8 or even 9 books but at the same time I long to learn what happens and the only point at which I will be able to learn everything without having to just wait once again on the next book is when the series finally draws to a close which will be a day that I will both love and hate for it will mark both learning all there is to know of this story and yet shall herald the day when I will no longer be able to look forward to being able to visit Alburet, Stacia, Karren, and Fluff and learn about some new adventure, exploit, or personal trial, tribulation, or triumph truly the truest of the conundrums faced by any true fan READ IT, READ ALL OF THEM So unlike most of the other fans who have written a review I feel like it was not a cliff hanger as much as the right point in the story to finish this book before really entering the next phase Great building of the characters, fleshing out story arch s for each character, building trust and reason s why they are all there for what looks like a huge ending battle to come If the writer had gone any further with the story it would have made the cliff hanger really bad. Life In Alpha World Has Been A Blessing For Alburet, Than He Had Ever Thought It Could Be, And Still Then He Thinks He Deserves At Times With Allies And Friends All Around Him, And The Love Of Three Beautiful, Unique Women He Knows That This Might Be The Best Life Has To OfferBut All Of Life Has Complications And His Are Many And Varied A Quest From The Overlord, That Requires He Level As Quickly As He Can For The End Game Or Risk Losing All The Happiness He Has FoundWhile That Is Difficult Enough Issues Keep Showing Up The Open Ended Contract By The Assassins Guild On Any Member Of Alpha Company Is Testing The Bonds Of Those Who Have Joined Add In The Background Movements Of The Noble Houses To That List To Make Things Even Annoying, But That Is Still Not The End Of The Troubles Not The Least Issue Seems To Be, The Machinations Of The Vague Old Evil That Is Stirring Again, With Its Own PlansWith All These Issues Starting To Bear Down On Alburet And Alpha Company, He Must Fight To Accomplish The Goals Needed To Keep His Loves, All While Dealing With His Own Mental IssuesWelcome Back To Alpha World This Book Contains Adult Themes Youd Think I Could Stop With These Disclaimers But Even This Far Into The Series People Are Shocked By The Content This Book Contains A Polyamorous Relationship, With One Of The Four People In It Being A Succubus Youve Been Warned