clearly a set up for the final book of the series, mostly political problems that escalate to a fever pitch while highlighting racial problems, Alburet s rep takes a nosedive and aims for the rocks while i understand the reason for that his rep gains go to 10% when he assembles the armor even a charisma stat of 1000 could be seriously hampered by that great series Daniel Schinhofen has risen to my top 5 authors because his books are amazing can t wait for great spot to end before the slog of organizing but at a moment of hype well done book overall adult content is all i can say that it might need, Fluff can let out her stripes i really try to enjoy the book and continue to trek even after i see a plot whole but dude can you explain some shit maybe once every 2 books seriously charaters personality changes are way to rapied there are bleedover across charaters dude dreams about burning in a fire and wakes up and his dad is burned in a fire zero explination why he had a dream like that i dont know whatelse to say just if you can do one thing write proper charater development you know learning , getting burned , makeing statments of change , 80 s montaisgh i dont care what just give some explaination dont mentions something like my wife can cast illusions to change the way she looks the change the way he address her husband the way she treats him the way she talks and then never explain why but keeps this up for over 4 to 5 books Book 7 is all about wrapping up and setting up for the next big arc The story advances, there s some nice character development, but overall, it s all about prepping for another awesome set I like that the author does this, it gives a feeling of completion for me Makes the entirety into a whole story, rather than individual books linked together It s one long awesome story. The Path To Peace Brought Them To The Gates Of The Old City Now Alburet And His Friends Will Need To Find Their Way Into The Vaults Under The City They Will Need To Bypass The Undead And The Cultists That Roam The City To Even Find Those Tunnels, And Thats Only The Start Of The Troubles They Will FaceTraitors To Stormguard Are Uncovered, And The King Will Have To Be Told That Can Only Happen After They Deal With The Two Quests That Have Brought Them This Far Vladimir Dracon Hopes To Put His Brother Dimitry To Rest, Slaying The One Known As The Dragon Eater, While Sir Cody Carter Has Come To Make Sure The Urn Of Souls Is Destroyed So It Doesnt Fall Into Steins HandsWhat Happens Under Peace Will Tilt The Balance Of What Is To Come Either In Favor Of The Crown Of Stormguard, Or For Stein And His CultistsWelcome Back To Alpha World This Book Contains Adult Themes Youd Think I Could Stop With These Disclaimers, But Even This Far Into The Series, People Are Shocked By The Content This Book Contains A Polyamorous Relationship, With One Of The Four People In It Being A Succubus Youve Been Warned