Alburet Came To Alpha World As A Tester For The Government What He Found Wasnt What He Expected, But What He Needed Together With His Three Wives, They Had Survived The Revelations And Grown Closer Now, Other Problems Had Come To The Fore, Demanding To Be Dealt WithGiven A Quest By The Overlord, Alburet And His Wives Had A Goal That They Could Not Ignore, Because Failing It Would Shatter Their Family To Even Have A Chance At Success, They Would Need To Reach Max Level As Quickly As They Could For The First End Tier RaidThe Raid Would Bring Alburet Back To Where It All Began The Lost Prison Of Alctriuz There, Stein Resided, Raising An Army Of Cultists And Undead To Topple Stormguard And The World A Raid Event That Would Involve Hundreds Of Players And Thousands Of NPCs Was BrewingWelcome To The Final Installment Of Alpha World This Book Contains Adult Themes Youd Think I Could Stop With These Disclaimers, But Even This Far Into The Series, People Are Shocked By The Content This Book Contains A Polyamorous Relationship, With One Of The Four People In It Being A Succubus Youve Been Warned

5 thoughts on “Gamer for Love (Alpha World Book 8) (English Edition)

  1. Kevin Z. Kevin Z. says:

    Okay yeah, this was the end and I knew no matter how it ended I would be upset in one way or another I justugh I m not going to spoil it for you, because the book was good Truly it was, it makes you laugh It makes you cry It makes you feel the way a good book should, except for the ending, it felt a tad underwhelming and that s my opinion I know plenty of people will like it, I know it will grow on me as I accept the end of the series and re read it a few times I m going to say that it s probably one of the best books I have read in a very long time for its content alone, I m not talking about the harem, the sex, the violence, I m talking about the underlying tones and themes of the series he was right when he said that Gamer for Love would be the bookend of Gamer for Life, you see Seamus Al grow into someone we never could have expected in the first book Fluff, Karen, Mary Sue, Gerald, Bob, and Tiny too You see Al love and share that love in ways that are profound, in many ways this is what Last Horizons was in the end, it s growth as a person through love, how it can heal you, and shape into the person you were before all of the traumamaking you a better youand friendships through gaming are shown in a positive light, showing no matter who you are, you can truly someone you have never met in the flesh Anyways Alpha World is a series that will always have a special place in my heart and my life and I can say that while I m upset now, I ll get over it as books come from one of my favorite authors Oh and I had to use that as the header, because of the Shakespeare quotes throughout the series and because seeing the end of a series is always such sweet sorrow.

  2. Robert S Robert S says:

    Daniel Schinhofen is probably my favorite author right now He writes characters I believe are real, with real emotion and depth The worlds he creates are amazing and justREAL They breath with life.That saidthis book is fantastic It wraps up all the dangling threads, gives you a satisfying conclusion And just like the end of his first series, Last Horizondamnit, I m crying again.

  3. hysbyrd hysbyrd says:

    This series has had ups and downs, mirroring real life in some inspiring ways However this book has to be the best ending of a series that I ve personally ever read The author goes to great lengths to make sure that everything in the series is wrapped up It s also great to see a series actually end as it would have been very easy to have dragged this one on and on but it would have really been detrimental to the overall story Everything in the series was handled amazing from the action scenes to the various interactions in between the characters A human book to be sure.

  4. P. Sleijpen P. Sleijpen says:

    Much like the previous parts, both the good and the bad In other words, good character building, a game that feels like a game, but with believable threats to the protagonist or at least his loved ones and some good action scenes A good ending to a good series, which is somewhat uncommon in the genre.Although not as common as in earlier parts, at times the pacing was a bit too slow, too much grind, too much talking Also, while the players complained about some of the mind affecting stuff, it did not generate fear for what others might do with the information Yes, it can be used to heal, but think about the power of being able to read a player s mind and the threat it poses.Still, relatively minor complaints for me I liked the series and I am both sad and glad too see it ending and well at that.