When this story begins, we meet 8 year old, Toby Treadwell, who is along with his father and Uncle looking for a good place to work their moonshine still.Toby is the first in his family to attend college, and while home on a break, his father s truck breaks down, and Toby steps up to take a delivery of moonshine to a customer But when he gets there, he s surrounded by police, and at 20, he s arrested and takes a plea deal to do 18 months in prison.While he s serving his sentence, his father and Uncle are arrested and sentenced to serve time in another prison His mother had to sell the farm before it was confiscated, and she, along with Toby s younger brother, Lee, move to the city.The day of 21 year old Toby s release, he steps off the prison bus in a town named Moscow, and sees 2 beautiful waitresses working in the dining car the driver stops at Toby decides to stay and winds up getting a job at the diner that afternoon Intending to sleep in the woods, he s surprised when one of the waitresses, Britney, offers him a roof over his head but there s a catch Britany has a fetish The other waitress, Ashley, also has a different kind of fetish and makes a play for Toby, even though he s living at Britney s.And, this is all I am going to say about the story You want to find out what fetishes these two girls have, you ll just have to read the story This story is fast paced, makes you giggle or laugh out loud at times, and has a happy ending for all of you who find that important in a book.I recommend reading Barefoot Under the Moon It s a very enjoyable read. In This Dark, Quirky And Humorous Romantic Comedy, Year Old Toby, Recently Released From Prison, Having Served Months For Running Moonshine, Finds A Job As A Dishwasher In A Diner Hes Soon Emotionally And Physically Caught In Between Two Waitresses, Britney And Ashley While Toby Lives With Britney, Hes Had An Affair With Ashley, And One Of Her Specialties Is Seduction, He Immediately Admits This To Be A Huge Mistake Ashley Blackmails Toby Into Fulfilling Her Fantasy, Which Is A Strange And Slightly Disgusting Act Toby Turns The Table On Ashley And Her Need, Or Perhaps Desire, To Humiliate Men After Ashley S Accident, Banishing Her To Live Outside The State, She Returns After Six Months With A New Target For Her Seduction It Is No Longer Toby, Now Her Sights Are On Britney Read What Happens When This Beautiful Seductress Finally Meets Her Match, A Crazy Man With A Gun Who In The Tradition Of Romance Novels Everywhere, This Zany And Unique Book Moves From Tragedy To Triumph And Ends On A High Note It Is An Easy Read Of Perhaps Four To Five Hours And Has A Bonus Feature With Hours Of Humorous Replay For Days To Come This was a wonderful novel. The book is hilarious Great story telling from the author, as always I found it to be a good satirical comment on erotica and romance I highly recommend. This book was really funny It was packed full of great one liners and hilarious situations that had me laughing out loud A romance satire that will keep you flipping through its pages just to see what crazy thing is going to happen next.