LeBron James is currently appearing in the NBA finals for the 8th year in a row The biggest superstar in a sport where superstars matter than any other, James has been one of the biggest names in US sport since he was 18 years of age.After being drafted by his hometown Cleveland Cavilers, LeBron eventually got frustrated at never winning a title and joined Miami Heat in 2010 and combined with fellow stars Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade as part of Pat Riley s ambitious plans to build a championship winning team Riley was able to get LeBron because he understood that winning a championship was what he wanted most he had the fame, the endorsement and the money and knew Riley could help him get championship rings.The Blueprint tells the story of what happened in Cleveland after LeBron s Decision Once the grieving process was over, the Cleveland front office launched an ambitious plan to ensure they would be in a position to get LeBron back once he entered free agency in 2014 The plan incorporated several losing seasons, some high risk draft picks, and a long term plan to build a championship winning team It was a risky, ingenious and amazingly succesful plan which provided a new roadmap for how to build a championship team over time Unfortunately for Cav s fans, it s unlikely to be a dynasty with some key players from the 2016 championship The Blueprint by Jason Llyod is about the hard work and the type of dedication shown by the Cavs and their staff to pull off the miracle of overcoming a 3 1 lead, to a regular season record setting Golden State Warriors He goes into detail explaining the tiring work of the Cavs Gm and assistant Gm, putting together this NBA championship caliber team He has been with the Cavs since day 1 he was the first person to reveal Lebron s decision to go home in The one word I would use to describe this book is, greatness The reason I chose this word is because this is the one book that just proves LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball He has defied impossible odds to win championships at any cost It shows his journey from a young boy who lived in Akron, to league MVP and NBA champion The information in this book was not surprising I knew the Cleveland Cavaliers were not a good team before LeBron entered the NBA His first season in the NBA, he carried his team to 35 wins The previous season the team only had 17 wins This book made want to read books on basketball players, because reading about these people, and how they become great players is truly inspriring The book changed the way I thought about basketball, because it shows that if you always try your hardest, you will always succeed, whether you win or lose This book was absolutely a page turner because it detailed every aspect of LeBron s career, and how each year was different from the pr Heartbreaking epilogue Jason Lloyd takes us through all of the tragic endings that Cleveland sports diehards had to endure since the Browns won the championship in 1964 Lloyd remixed Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin s Return of The King , where Lloyd s premise revolved around the Cavaliers front office s calculated moves anticipating LeBron s homecoming in 2014 from the moment The Decision took place While doing so, he inserts himself into the narrative with personal anecdotes The Blueprint is proof that there is no such thing as a finished product, as significant pieces of the Cavs historic 2016 title run are no longer I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway I got it for a friend who is a big basketball fan He really enjoyed it a so based on his feedback I am giving it 5 stars on his behalf He did not give me a full review just his suggestion for 5 stars. It s pretty clear Lloyd had unparalleled access to the Cavs There are a lot of interesting behind the scenes details that haven t been covered anywhere else The book s title references the making of the modern NBA, b This is a great insight into the machinations of modern NBA teams and the story of the Cavs over the past decade It follows the team and LeBron across that period, and highlights the front office thinking and planning In some places it s essentially Moneyball come to the NBA. An Unputdownable, Must Have Sports Book For Every LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers, And NBA Fan.June 19, 2016 The Greatest Moment In Cleveland Sports History, When The Cleveland Cavaliers Won The NBA Finals And Broke The Cleveland Curse It Was The Triumph Fans Had Been Waiting Fifty Two Years For, And It Wasn T Easy To Get There But Thanks To LeBron James, An Audacious Plan To Build A Winning Team, A Couple Of Maverick GMs, And An Incredible Community Of Fans, It Happened And 2016 Saw The Birth Of A New Cavaliers Dynasty.But How Did They Get There It Was A Roller Coaster Ride From Tragedy To Triumph, One That Jason Lloyd, A Longtime Northeast Ohio Resident Turned Reporter For The Akron Beacon Journal, Got To See Firsthand He Was Witness To The Blueprint, As He Calls It, Which The Cavs Put Together To Win Their Star Player Back From Miami And Build A Team That Could Win The Ultimate Championship It Incorporated Several Losing Seasons, Some High Risk Draft Picks, And An Entirely New Understanding Of How To Build A Championship Team.The Best Part Of The Plan Is That It Worked, Culminating In The Most Exciting Finals Series In NBA History And, Most Important, The End Of The Cleveland Curse Jason Lloyd, A True Insider, Tells The Story Of How The NBA Really Works, And How Everyone From The Front Office To The Stars On The Court To The New Generation Of Coaches Worked Together To Create An Unforgettable Winning Team. Wow, besides being well written and paced, the in depth look at the Cavs from the time LeBron left until they won the NBA title was eye opening Best sports book I ve read in a long time. Surprisingly indepth than McMenamin and Windhorst Well done.