I feel like the gimmick goes on a bit long, but it does circle around to a nice conclusion I m sure a lot of siblings could use this book if one is too much and the other is not enough It reminds kids how to find a way to meet in the middle you can still I received an ebook ARC from NetGalley The anticipated publish date is August 14, 2018 Overall, this is a cute and appealing picture book It is not too wordy and has enough word repetition to be read by emerging readers However, I feel the book is fun read aloud I read this book with my six year old daughter She helps me review children s picture books as she is closer to being the target audience She identified right away with Peanut who is the not enough character Little Peanut cannot find enough puddles, can t use enough glitter and can t make a big enough tower Peanut is your typical 5 ish year old child Moe is the older sibling parent character in the story, the too much side of things Obviously, my daughter immediately identified me as the Moe character Moe finally gets frustrated enough with the noise and the mess where he just takes his Move Over, Bert And Ernie There S A New Odd Couple In Town Exuberant Peanut And Steadfast Mo Are Roommates And Best Friends Most Of The Time.Peanut Is Messy Mo Is Neat Peanut Is Loud Mo Is Quiet Peanut Always Wants Mo Always Wants A Little Less Can These Two Learn To Appreciate Their Differences With Bright, Bold, Eye Catching Illustrations And Two Adorable Characters, Gina Perry Has Created A Book That Will Appeal To All The Peanuts And Mos In The World Whether They Think It S Too Much Or Not Enough An adorable book starring Moe and Peanut, two loveable monsters that seem to be polar opposites The illustrations are instantly pleasing, fun and help to tell the story on each page A simple read that will quite easily keep a younger This is one of the most adorable children s books Little Peanut is our never enough character There is always fun to be had, and it s always bigger, louder, and messier Moe is our too much character He wants quiet, cleanliness, and less chaos When Moe gets too overwhelmed, he escapes outside There he realizes he misses the chaos that Peanut brings Meanwhile, Peanut realizes that sometimes you have to tone it down a little bit to accommodate others At our house, our peanut is the one year old Our four year old is Moe to a degree, but I m Moe than anyone else I am excited to read this to both of them I m intrigued to find out if our oldest sees himself in both characters The illustrations are bright and fun and depict al Moe and Peanut have captured my heart with their tale of friendship told in few words, but with meaningful actions shown in these adorable illustrations This is a book all readers will identify with and adults will love to read over and over The words will easily become an out loud read along A special thanks to Gina Perry for sending a F G of Too Much Not Enough to my bookexcursion group All opinions are my own Peanut and Moe could not be different Peanut is messy, loud, and always wants Moe is neat, quiet, and wants a little less When Moe finally can t take all the commotion, he shouts TOO MUCH and leaves the house with a book in hand As Moe sits on the porch reading, sad Peanut decides to cleans up the too much mess Outside Moe realizes that life is boring because there is not enough Pea Too Much Not Enough tells us about two friends, Peanut and Moe Although they are very different in many ways, they become fast friends It is such a fun and educational read for children Even though the children do not actually realise it at first, there is a message there Oh and the colorful and wonderful illustrations are absolutely over the top, and it makes the boo Too Much Not Enough introduces friends Peanut and Moe One is messy, loud and forever wanting The other Neat, quiet, and wanting less Fun colorful illustrations and adorable characters make this little tale extra special 5 5 Thank you to the author, Penguin Random H In Too Much Not Enough Mo and Peanut show that two people can be good friends even if they are very different from each other This was a fun book to share with my almost four year old grandson It really held his attention and I can easily see it becoming a