Harry Potter s third year at Hogwarts is full of new dangers A convicted murderer, Sirius Black, has broken out of Azkaban prison, and it seems he s after Harry Now Hogwarts is being patrolled by the dementors, the Azkaban guards who are hunting Sirius But Harry can t imagine that Sirius or, for that matter, the evil Lord Voldemort could befrightening than the dementors themselves, who have the terrible power to fill anyone they come across with aching loneliness and despair Meanwhile, life continues as usual at Hogwarts A top of the line broom takes Harry s success at Quidditch, the sport of the Wizarding world, to new heights A cute fourth year student catches his eye And he becomes close with the new Defense of the Dark Arts teacher, who was a childhood friend of his father Yet despite the relative safety of life at Hogwarts and the best efforts of the dementors, the threat of Sirius Black grows ever closer But if Harry has learned anything from his education in wizardry, it is that things are often not what they seem Tragic revelations, heartwarming surprises, and high stakes magical adventures await the boy wizard in this funny and poignant third installment of the beloved series scholastic.com I m beginning to wonder if there will ever be a Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher who is just a teacher. Don t let the muggles get you down Yup yup yup I love this book. re read in February 2016Harry is getting his sass on I love it Re Read in December 2014 for Harry Christmas to YouOH MAN THIS BOOK IS SO MY FAVORITE.The phone conversation at the beginning between Ron and Uncle Vernon was PRICELESS I wish so much that that scene had been in the movie.I was so into reading this book that I failed to take notes, so I don t have many specifics to add except that I love how Crookshanks was basically Sirius s secret agent spy cat friend and I LOVE THAT.Also, this book demonstrated some very REAL aspects of school For example, Hermione took on too much work, and she gradually started to go crazy and consequently distanced herself from her friends, became moody, and then finally just bitch slapped Malfoy I also found Oliver Wood to be hilarious in this book for similar reasons this was his last year at Hogwarts, and he wanted nothing than to win the Quidditch Cup so he could have some sort of glory at Hogwarts, and he became so consumed by it as I m sure lots of people on sports teams do The way he was so emotionally invested really cracked me up but also felt so real Side note CEDRIC IS SO DAMN NICE when he realized that Harry fell off his broom during the Quidditch game and Hufflepuff won he called for a rematch, which says a lot about him, and it just makes what happens in the next book that much worse.But of course, all of the Marauders stuff made my inner fangirl go nuts because it has to be my favorite Harry Potter storyline I mean, I didn t name my YouTube channel after them or anything Also time travel. I have so much love for this one re reading it as an adult Five stars of course. I last read this book when I was 14 years old, given that I m almost 32 now, I have a whole new perspective on it Despite the fact that I gave this book 5 stars previously, I have to admit that it didn t grow on me until this, my second read Confession time I didn t like Remus or Sirius Khanh ducks as rotten fruit and eggs are thrown her way OK, OK, I M SORRY I ve since changed my mind Notice that I used the past tense.Obviously, there will be spoilers for the book below, for the 1.5 of you who haven t read this yet.I can t even recall why this book wasn t memorable to me All I remembered was that Sirius and what happened to him was terrible, but he s like meh to me I just never connected with him as a character Remus was a werewolf and I ve never liked werewolves The Marauders in general were just a bunch of rowdy teenaged boys, and having been the target for teasing from rowdy, rude teenaged boys in my youth, I just didn t care for the way they were portrayed And I was right, somewhat, James, et al weren t perfect They bullied Snape, they were little shitheads Yes, eventually they became productive, admirable members of society, but I just didn t like them at first.I guess this is one of those books that just takes time to grow on you.This is the last Harry Potter book in which Harry is a child Before his life and this series was visited by the spectre of death I m not talking about the long ago deaths of James and Lily, of course Harry has experienced deaths before, but it was distant I m talking about the future deaths where Harry lost people he actually remembered, and respected, and loved That s what I mean when I say that this is the last book in which Harry is a child, because as hard as his life was until now, he still had his innocence.Children believe that their heroes are unerring One of the rites of passage to adulthood is the realization that heroes fall, like everyone else Harry stared up into the grave face and felt as though the ground beneath him was falling sharply away He had grown used to the idea that Dumbledore could solve anything He had expected Dumbledore to pull some amazing solution out of the air But no their last hope was gone I know that everyone loves Sirius, but for some reason, he didn t click for me when I was 14 This time around, I could understand his character I could relate to his desperation, his frustration, and the hope that kept him alive all those excruciating years in Azkaban I don t know how I did it, he said slowly I think the only reason I never lost my mind is that I knew I was innocent That wasn t a happy thought, so the Dementors couldn t suck it out of me but it kept me sane I think for me, it took maturity and the experience of loss and frustration, well, life itself, in order to appreciate the hardship that Harry and Sirius and Remus went through Previously, this was a magical Cinderella like tale about a boy in a room under the stairs With this book, the story became twisted, and it became something.Read this review and The Book Eaters Re read 1 19 19 Idk what happened this time around but I SOBBED for the last 50 pages of this My heart aches for all the things that could have happened and I just Re read 5 25 16 Perfection again Re reading this series is making me SO happy Although this book is where things start getting really gloomy and it just breaks my heart to see bad things happening to lil Harry c It s a rainy Sunday It s colder than it should be this time of the year, so I m drinking a delicious cup of coffee and I m browsing my Goodreads shelves only to realise that I haven t written a Harry Potter review Not a single one So, I decided to start with the first Harry Potter book I ever read, the one that took me to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and made me believe that magic is something tangible I solemnly swear that I am up to no good I was 16 years old, and I had just started my english classes in order to pass my Proficiency examinations My teacher told me that the best way to delve into a foreign language and familiarize with it is to read books written in it, so she gave me the third instalment of Harry Potter Little did she know that she unleashed a beast who now reads almost exclusively in english Before I tell you about my experience, I need to make a confession It was my choice to stay away from J.K Rowling s books until that moment I wanted to swim against the current, and I thought that Harry Potter was too mainstream for my taste And the foolish little me was proud of this decision But when my teacher gave me this old, used copy, something inside me cracked I knew the basics about the story, about the orphan kid who goes to a school for wizards and fights the ugly, evil dude who doesn t have a nose But page by page, I came to understand with awe that the wizard who finds trouble even when he doesn t want to offers than that he opened a portal to a world where I longed to be fervently I stayed up late at night, with a faint light just enough to make out the sentences, and I cheered for Gryffindor s Quidditch team, I flied with Firebolt and I kept wondering what my patronus would be according to Potter it s a brown mastiff, which is oddly fitting I casted spells but never Avada Kedavra, you shouldn t play with this shit and tasted butterbeer in Hogsmeade, and just like that, my life had changed irrevocably I was a Potterhead And I was proud of that my mum wasn t though, especially when I asked for a wand Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light There is a reason why J.K Rowling is the fairy god mother to millions of children and adults worldwide Friendship, love, hope, they re present in her books even in the most desperate times, when Evil seems undefeatable, when no escape is visible She encourages and empowers, shows that everything is possible, that strength and courage can be found within, when you have someone to hold your hand Harry was a kid who was deprived of love yet he was capable of loving, it took him years but he finally found a place to belong, to feel safe and cared Ron, with his witty lines and his constant presence, Hermione, my personal favorite, with her intelligence and compassion, they managed to enchant my prejudiced heart, and even now, years later, I m still under their spell I think I will always be Don t let the muggles get you down I m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter, and secretly hope that Dobby is the one to blame I still caress with affection the spines of my Harry Potter books meanwhile I bought them all and finished the entire series in a week and a half and laugh at Harry Potter jokes And I know, and it s imprinted in my soul, that I ll never be a muggle again. This one is definitely my favourite of the 3 i ve read so far Watch my review here A 85% Extraordinary Notes Separating itself from its forebears, it s a story of greater complexity, darker tones, and a vastly expanded mythology.